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Article Critique Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 1

Article Critique - Essay ExampleAccording to Zhaleh Semnani-Azad and Wendi Adair, the research on peoples utilization of non-verbal communication plays a considerable role in necessitating effective communication process. As stated by Zhaleh Semnani-Azad and Wendi Adair, effective function of non verbal communication has an essential role in necessitating development of identity as well as in the management of emerging conflicts and communication confusion. The register of non-verbal communication in different cultures entails comprehensive understanding of communication characteristics in a specified society, analysis of fundamental interaction styles among heathenish backgrounds as well as understanding of the most effective communication passes. Understanding of non-verbal communication among different cultures is imperative and significant in necessitating successful interaction and communication. The article, The Display of Dominant gestural Cues in Negotiation The Role of C ulture and Gender by Zhaleh Semnani-Azad and Wendi Adair is closely related with other articles as it is based on an intensive analyses of the findings from different researches on the use of non verbal communication among different societies. The article also has several advantages and drawbacks in the manner it discusses the subject matter. Summary The article is based on convey findings from Chinese and Canadian virile and female negotiators. In the study, the researchers focused on the manner in which non-verbal behaviors are displayed in different interactions. The article has drawn its conclusions from the active literature on gender, culture, and communication. According to the article, the dominance non verbal communication cues among Chinese and Canadian culture is the unique usage of space, facial display of frustration and nix emotions as well as relaxed posture in communication process. After intensive and lengthy investigation and analyses, the research findings ind icated that, the Chinese male negotiators occupy a considerable level of space in negotiation table compared to other cultures. The use of space and facial demonstration of frustrations define the interaction mood as well as the relationship between joint gains and culture. As stated by Zhaleh Semnani-Azad and Wendi Adair, the manner in which non verbal communication is used in interaction also plays a significant role in understanding the satisfaction in negotiation process. The article as well discuses intensively the role of cross-culture concepts in negotiation literature, the short term and long term implications of culture in interaction, and the negotiation challenges and predicaments. The article also incorporates recommendation for future studies on how to tackle the cultural variation in interpreting non-verbal cues. The article has on the other hand confirmed findings from other researches on the significant of non-verbal cues in communication among different cultures. Th e authors agree incorporated the findings from other scholars and researchers. Strengths For a starter, the article has offered an intensive analysis on the use of non-verbal cues in interaction in different cultural settings. This has as a result played a critical role in necessitating the understanding on the significance of non-verbal cues in communication by explaining how the Chinese and Canadian male and female negotiators use the non-verbal communication clues in their interaction. Secondly, the article is base

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Kentuckys Educational System; Argument by Definition, Evaluation, and Essay

Kentuckys Educational System Argument by Definition, Evaluation, and Proposal - Essay ExampleThis essay declares that education in Kentucky encompasses elementary schooltime such as kindergarten to fifth grade, middle school also called junior high that starts from sixth grade to eighth grade, and high school starting from ordinal to twelfth grade. The system also includes post secondary institutions. Many Kentucky colleges and schools have an accreditation of various Associations of Colleges and Schools in the region. However, Kentucky education suffers from a common negative stigma comparable other Southern states.This paper makes a conclusion that the system emphasizes on various levels where capacity building takes place. The initial focus is that of having individual officers, precisely from disposal management and planning teams are participating in remodeling the system. Also, organizational goals revolve around improving the overall effectiveness of the methods and incent ivizing better teamwork in education. The other level includes that of developing public service reforms to have a fundamental national leadership while adapting to the respective administration circumstances. Lastly, the levels of external assistance from international and two-sided agencies need to have a long-term consideration leading into a critical transfer for skills, precisely within the fragile state of Kentucky. The development outline can be prepared together with international education organizations focusing on the development of capacity across areas of quality and equity, leadership, organization, institutions, and knowledge generation.

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Finance - Budgeting Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Finance - Budgeting - Assignment ExampleA comparison of the actual and cyphered costs should be closely monitored to determine the efficiency of the system in place. If the watercourse proficiency does not always reflect the true cost of operation or reports wide gaps between budgeted and actual costs, a change in technique could be a solution.The company has been employing process be to budget and monitor its various costs. This method is a widely used tool in costing of its products. In order to do this, the company recognizes the following cost poolsThe production budget of the company is set before the production period usually for wiz year. Traditional costing method and variance analysis are used to adjust the varied costs incurred. At the end of each quarter, the company computes the different variances to determine whether the company is above or below the set level. However, no effort is made to correct the budgeted costs.As the size of the company is relatively small, it pre directly doesnt employ any software in order to efficiently track costs. The data for production is gathered for each pool center manually and is sent to each department involved such as purchasing, billing, and inventory.It is as well apparent that the company has no formal monitoring system as the budgets are never adjusted. It should be noted that the price of materials being used by the company often vary with their availability. For instance, the price of LPG is directly related to the price of fuel in the world market. The volatility of the price of fuel is not taken into account as the companys budget is already set for a years period. Recommendations for ImprovementA companys budget as discussed above is one of the most significant information for managers as it reflects its expectations on its future operations. The company under consideration reports declining profitability within the preceding(a) five years. The reported reasons for this are unexpected rise in m aterial inputs which are not anticipated and reflected on pricing and additional costs delinquent to lost of administrative and paper works. The company also admitted that as its competitors seem to be gaining market share through production efficiency, they seem to be fall back off. This is reflected by their declining profits and high production costs. It is recommended that the company reevaluate its value chain. This evaluation is needed in order for them to ascertain the processes which add value to their products and eliminating those which do not. This will lead to a leaner manufacturing system and will surely help the company in cutting down unnecessary costs.The company should also create an information system in order to

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Health care law Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Health care law - Essay ExampleThis person has no relation to the patient merely has been appointed to make wellness care decisions for him. These laws need to involve another party in such vital decisions, which are put in the workforce of only one person (Sabatino, 2010). The surrogate can consent to the health care treatment of a patient even without a court decision. He can also provide consent to the health care provider, should any other procedure have to be performed on the patient.These people need cautious consideration before making such important decisions concerning benignant being (Sabatino, 2010). It is important to consider the implications of leaving such a huge responsibility on one person only. The laws need modification to ensure that such decision-making procedures are handled with care, and the patient gets treatment. It would be reckless to place the whole responsibility of making decisions concerning anther human being solely on one person. The Health Care Surrogate Law requires thorough revision so that it will become more efficacious and professional. This will be of benefit to all the people concerned.An example of a lawsuit would be a case against a hospital for mismanagement of a critically ill patient and gross carelessness in administering healthcare services. much(prenominal) a case would be classified as medical malpractice. Such scenario would touch on principles like informed consent. Principles related to the standard of care, causation, and fiduciary law in the physician-patient relationship (Mascarenhas, Kesavan, & Bernacchi, 2013). The argument grounds on the fact that the health care provider breached the principles of standard care and failed to give quality treatment to a patient who suffered because of the negligence of the medical institution. The patient required special prudence with a regular observation from qualified medical professionals. Lack of this quality attention led to the general deterioration of h is

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Case Analysis Report Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Case Analysis Report - Essay ExampleAdditionally they were given the rights to explore and solicit two gas properties. However, the company required funds to develop and exploit the sites. Thus, it went into an agreement with Macquarie Bank which agreed to finance them with US $45million, with an interest of 15% p.a and 50% equity stake. After the agreement, the reserves were extensive and profitable, so the East Cameroon Company was able to repay the loan quickly. The case study is one that the Macquarie bank is non willing to finance the company, two, and it still owns a 50% stake in the East Cameroon Company.The East Cameroon Company, Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Campbell Evans established that the company could non move on since they had little control of the company. The bank now had 50% stake. Meaning the original founders could no longer control the business as before. Evans is, therefore, facial expression for alternative funding options. At first he is more interested i n getting the pecuniary support to continue with the exploration (Cunningham, 2002). The most financial proposals he has received are from banks and require equity component. Evans and the other shareholders are not ready to give out more equity to banks. Evans would like to evanesce the companys shares as before so that they can control the company.Evans was approached by Bemo Securitisation (BSEC) financier who offered an interesting financial solution. The solution is the use of Sukuk bond. This is an Islamic finance that would allow East Cameroon to reverse Macquaries equity stake. Additionally, it would replace it with a high yielding bond-like channel. However, Evans was not certain of how the Sukuk bond works. He therefore, decided to investigate before making any decision. The Sukuk structure was more complex that what he had thought. One, It consisted of securitizing hydrocarbon

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Barry Humphries and Patrick White Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Barry Humphries and Patrick White - Essay ExampleHe was not only an actor but overly a script writer, a film producer, an award winning writer, a star of Londons West End musical dramatic art, and a landscape painter.Another noted expose in Australian theatre was Patrick Victor Martindale White, also known as Patrick White. White was an author who was considered a major English-language novelist. During his career he published eighter from Decatur plays, twelve novels and two short story collections. His fiction freely employs shifting narrative vantagepoints and a stream of consciousness technique (Wikipedia 2007). He was awarded the Nobel Prize for writings in 1973.Barry Humphries was born on 17 February 1934 in Melbourne, Australia. He is a noted Australian actor and comedian. Humphries nick name was Bazza. Other than acting Barry Humphries also wrote comic strips. His comic strip Barry McKenzie about Australian living in London appeared in the magazine Private Eye. His nick n ame Bazza gave Australian bring in wide distribution, particularly jokes on drinking and its results, much of which was created by Humphries himself.His childhood set the stage for his eventual career of an actor. Barrys father spent little sentence with him so he spent a lot of his time playing disguise in his backyard. His parent called him Sunny Sam. During his teens he began to go against the constraints of conservative suburban life and became artistic. When he was nine Humphries mother gave all his books to the Salvation Army. This event led him to becoming a collector of rare books, a reader, a theatre fan and a painter. He dressed in a black cloak and black homburg and invented his first character, Dr Aaron Azimuth.Barry was educated at Camberwell Grammar School. He was also sent to Melbourne Grammar School where he matriculated with excellent results in Art and English. Later he spent two years studying law, fine humanistic discipline and philosophy at the University of Melbourne. During this time he became a part of Dada, the deconstructive and absurdist art movement. The Dadaist performances and pranks have become a part of Australian folklore.After leaving university he joined the newly formed Melbourne theatre company. It was now that he created the first version of his most famous character Edna Everage. The old fashioned housewife primitively created as a character of Australian suburban narrow-mindedness, evolved over forty years to become a flamboyantly dressed, internationally acclaimed star, Dame Edna Everage. Humphries other farcical characters include, nephew of Dame Edna, Barry McKenzie which went on to become a legendary comic strip hero. Sir Les Patterson, who has not only contributed to the Australian vernacular but also borrowed from it. An underground film-maker from the 1960s Martin Agrippa, a trade union official Lance Boyle, a failed tycoon Owen Steele and an art salesman Morrie OConnor. Later, Humphries moved to Sydney and j oined Sydneys Philip Street Revue Theatre. He appeared in Australias first ever so production of Samuel Beckett, Waiting for Godot, as Estragon. In the 1960s Humphries settled in London, where he became friends with leading artists from the British comedy scene including Peter Cook, Jonathan Miller, Willie Rushton and the like. While in London he

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Business Management Assignment Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Business Management Assignment - Coursework ExampleThe supervisor refuted the rumor and claimed the job vacancy was not filled and they she would never choose a view based on pressures associated with preferential treatment. She lied to all of us as the cousin was the person chosen for the job and he did not even throw to take an interview. I got very discouraged with the company and decided to quit after this incident. I was only making minimum wage at the time, just now a job is a job and after I quit I face some financial troubles for a few months. If my emotional erudition would dumbfound been higher I probably would not have quit that job. 2. A communication barrier mentioned in the textbook that can affect efficient communication is language barriers. Language barriers often occur when companies have operations internationally. For instance a company may have a subsidiary in Mexico. In Mexico the native population speaks Spanish as a first language. An American executive that does not speak Spanish that is given a barf to accomplish process improvements at the Mexican plant may encounter language barriers. In order to resolve this barrier the executive should hire an translator for the longevity of the project. Another communication barrier that I often encounter in the workplace is when others are not willing to listen to what you have to say. nimble listening is a way of listening and responding to another person that improves mutual understanding (Colorado, 1998). 3. A tool that can be used to achieve efficient communication in the workplace is communication channels. Communication channels are the pathways through which messages are communicated which may include devices such as smartphones, intranets, email communication, or written memos. The use of smartphones can help workers achieve more effective communication especially when working on the field. Smartphones such as the iPhone 4 have the capability to connect to the internet which ena bles the user to send or receive files. Memos are a simple and effective way for a manager to station a message to the staff (Houp & Pearsall & Tebeaux, 1995). 4. I am motivated by a variety of factors. First and foremost my professionalism and pride in my work motivates to perform at the highest possible level. As any person in the workplace financial incentives motivate me. If I was not getting paid a give check my motivation would not be as high towards work. I am also motivated by the nature of the job task I am given. When my supervisor gives me challenging work that helps me develop my skills and abilities I get motivated. As a student the knowledge that I can obtain from a course motivates me to work harder. If a course is boring and does not interest me my motivation to learn will be low. 5. The equity theory of motivation was highly-developed by Stacy Adams in 1963 (Businessballs, 2010). This theory states that people compare their salary and rewards with the salary and r ewards of people in similar positions. If their salary is under value the employees motivation will decrease because of the felt inequity. As a manager I would use the equity theory to motivate my employees. I would contact the human resource surgical incision and look at the compensation of my employees. If any employee was getting less than they are worth I